Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Are you scared of Mount Agung Erupting?

Many people have asked me lately "Am I not scared of Bali's Mount Agung Volcano erupting"?

I answer I have no fear for myself, my family, my 155 staff or hundreds of guests at PT. Bali Luxury Villas.

Here are my reasons!

(1) If Mount Agung erupted as bad as it did in 1963 only a very small portion of Bali, less than 5% of Bali was affected by lava flows.

(2) Although over a thousand people died at the time it was because they had no warnings or modern communications and they lived within the 12 km danger zone. 

Bali's most popular tourist areas in Southern Bali such as Ubud, Sanur, Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Tuban, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Buket are even farther away and completely safe.

(3) Even if the volcano went off worse than 1963 and and expelled a huge volcanic ash cloud the Tradewinds from now until at least March would blow it away towards the North and West the opposite direction of the major resort areas.
You can see the actual live winds at this link. 

The chances of a cloud affecting air traffic at the airport 60 km away is very minute.

So my home which is 40 KM from the volcano at B.P.E. should be completely safe . 
Mount Agung from my home 40 km away

The chances of a cloud affecting air traffic at the airport 60 km away is very minute.

Once In a Lifetime Event:

I think that many tourists should consider coming to Bali to see this Volcano go off, which could be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Another reason to come right now is because a 20% 30% drop in tourist arrivals provides for easier traffic, less congestion, and less busy hotels and restaurants with prices that are heavily  discounted.

Finally remember Bali is still Paradise and no Volcano can change that.

If you wish to secure a beautiful three-bedroom Luxury Villa at heavily discounted prices we are offering them for as little as $125.00 per night including private need and private swimming pool.

Volcano Guarantee.

If you should wish to evacuate Bali as a result of the volcano going off at any time we will refund any unused nights. No questions asked.

Lawrence , President, Director, General Manager, Owner

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