Thursday, 26 July 2018

Hotels, villas flooded as Bali battered by 6m swells

Bali and world news and views editor's comments: 

Those that did not heed my warning two days ago regarding huge tides and large swells are now regretting it as much damage has been done to a few of the villas, hotels, restaurants etc. that have challenged the ocean by building too close to it.

So  far no reports of deaths due to drowning in the extreme high tides or serious high waves. 

Let's pray that continues.

Although swells may have gone down a little there is still an extremely high tide today around 10 o'clock.

Divers, swimmers and boaters should be aware that it is a dangerous time to be in or on Bali's oceans. 

Better to wait until low tide six hours later.

As always better safe than sorry

7News PerthThursday, 26 July 2018 6:46PM

High tide warning for Bali

High tide warning for Bali
Villas in Kuta have been swamped by six metre waves.

Ferries have been cancelled, hotels evacuated and holiday villas flooded in Bali.

King tides are being blamed for waves as big as 6m in Bali’s south that has caused flooding in Sanur and Kuta.
Water floods into a Bali villa.Picture: Seven News.

Tourists have been stranded on the Gili Islands where authorities have cancelled ferry services untill at least Saturday.

Ferry services out of Sanur have also been suspended.
Waves break over the seawall at Sanur. Picture: Seven News.

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