Monday, 21 May 2018

Bali's Mozaic named Best Restaurant of the Year - 2018

Congratulations to Chris Salans, restaurateur extraordinaire, for winning for the third consecutive time the  

Best Restaurant of the Year.

Anyone who has ever dined at his restaurant will tell you that it is truly a unique and sensual experience.
Seven Chefs Dinners 2018 at Mosaic
We are very proud that Bali has some of the best restaurants in the world and the Mosaic is certainly at the top of the hill, literally.

Azizah, Lawrence, Chris and Famous French Restaurant Owner 2018

Hello from Chris Salans in Bali

It’s been a busy few months with the Ubud Food Festival, the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore, and the Bocuse d’Or in China, but it was all worth it, as I am proud to see more and more Indonesians on the international as well as national food scene. 
More restaurants in Indonesia are being nominated for awards, invited for culinary events, and bringing home trophies. This is the true sign that Indonesia is making it on the top of the Asian culinary scene. 
I am also proud to see more and more Indonesians opening their own restaurants in Indonesia. I am happy to witness this during my career here in Bali and I hope that this will give more and more Indonesian chefs the guts to open shop and do their own thing. It is time for the Indonesian culinary scene to explode.

Mozaic named Best Restaurant of the Year 2018
by the World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence 
Mozaic is honored and delighted to receive the Award of Excellence for Best Restaurant of the Year 2018 by the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore last month. 

The World Gourmet Summit is an international gastronomic festival first launched in 1997. 

This is the third time that Mozaic has received this award, but it is the first time that Indonesia has had more than one candidate selected as finalists. 

I am proud to see that more and more restaurants and chefs in Indonesia are making it into the finals of such prestigious regional awards. 

It really shows that Indonesia is rising in the ranks of the culinary discipline. 

This is a great sign for Indonesia, and I hope it will entice more Indonesian chefs to go into the field of fine dining that showcases Indonesian cuisine or ingredients.

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