Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Airbnb usage slowing

Bali news and views editor's comments;

Regarding the headline of this article that  "Airbnb Usage is slowing" 

I will take a contrary view based on my firsthand knowledge of your AIRBNB as a Renter and a listor.

My experience with them has been excellent in most cases but not all . 

You learn to be careful before making a booking by looking at their most recent testimonials and take a hard look at the photos and location. 
For example, if they don't have a photo for  the bedroom there is probably a reason.

But overall,  I've been satisfied, especially with the rentals that I've placed through your B&B. 

So I would be very surprised if their rentals slow in the next few years.

What's most likely to happen is a competitor will come on scene offering  something a bit better and that's what I would look for as an investment.

Airbnb usage slowing, OTAs should seize opportunity

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