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This New Bali-Based Swimwear Brand Promises Understated Sex Appeal


Isa Boulder founders Cecilia Basari and Yuli Suri believe a good bikini is one that “makes you forget that you haven’t been exercising for years and feel like you’re the sexiest creature that ever walked the earth”. Where do we sign up?

Cecilia Basari 

Born just last year, the Indonesian swimwear label has made waves among the fashion pack owing to its flattering ruched styles in a dizzying array of colours. “The stretch satin-like fabric allows us to drape the garments to look like a Greek goddess sculpture,” the pair tells British Vogue, with a confidence that belies the fact they had no swimwear experience prior to launching the brand. What the young women lacked in technical expertise, they made up for with ambition, hiring the seamstresses of a Balinese swimwear company relocating abroad to help them realise their vision.

Isamaya Ffrench was an early adopter of Isa Boulder’s “twisted femininity”. “We want our swimwear to almost be an inside joke among women, that this is how we want to present our sexuality,” they say. “It’s not necessarily for men.” Those Grecian-inspired silhouettes, then, are realised in lustrous ’80s-inspired shades, such as steel, burnt gold, bronze and lime green. Women are buying into its relaxed take on glamour.

The custom element of the mix and match offering (which costs upwards of £150 for sets and one-pieces) certainly helps. “We make most of our online orders bespoke, so that buyers get the perfect tailored fit and we keep waste to a minimum,” they explain. Isa Boulder’s Bali studio is a far cry from the average swimwear production line, where sizing is standardised and output levels are the priority. “We allow our seamstresses to work at their own pace, we don’t push them to finish a set amount of pieces per day,” the duo says. “It might not be the most cost-efficient way to run a fashion business, but we respect the craft process.”

The misconception that a garment stamped with a “Made in Indonesia” label is “sub-par” compared to one “Made in Europe” is a bone of contention for the businesswomen. “We work with many talented artisans who produce such beautiful work that puts this bias to shame,” they say. “Many of our local craftspeople end up wasting their talents when manufacturers move towards trend-driven clothing with a lower price point.”



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Basari and Suri maintain they will keep production in-house as Isa Boulder’s growth trajectory continues. It’s not hard to see why: “It’s pretty idyllic here, with trees around us and music blasting through the studio,” they share. “But it’s still pretty intense meeting our wholesale orders, even if it seems like we’re goofing around the studio at times.”

The pair met through a mutual friend and quickly discovered their yin-yang balance could be beneficial in a competitive industry. “One of us is the brain and the anchor to the team and the other is the wild card and irrational one,” they
said, unwilling to name names. “It’s a healthy balance to have, because you do need some kind of madness for creativity to thrive in a design company. But calmness is key to holding everything in place.” Three collections in, they maintain they are still getting to grips with the nuances of running a company and mapping out a road towards ready-to-wear. It certainly looks like a fun road to be on.

Coronavirus Special 

Huge Luxury Villas & Estates Start at $6.00 per Guest
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One of Bali's oldest and most reputable villa and estate managers, Lawrence states that "these are the most desperate times that we've had in villa rentals in the 22 years I've been here.

Azizah & Lawrence with 100 + staff at their head office, in Sanur PT. Bali Luxury Villas

Unlike the Bali bombings and Jakarta riots which happened quickly and were over quickly, this seems to grind on and on".

He sincerely believes that this could be over in as early as four weeks from now. For the next eight weeks or two months he is offering unbelievable prices to rent luxurious two, three & four-bedroom Bali Luxury Villas or a Bali Paradise Beachfront Estate at unbelievable prices.

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These prices are specifically designed for those who wish to improve their lifestyle while under self-quarantine in Bali in addition to those who wish to escape from places such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and other major cities where coronavirus may get horrific before it's over.

Huge Villas & Estates:

These large 350 m to 650 m² meter private villas and estates offer maximum protection against coronavirus in that there is no one close enough to cause you or your family to get the virus.

Most offer a private full-time housekeeper who will come each day with plastic gloves, plus mask and take care of all your household needs such as cleaning the floors, washing the windows, cleaning the dishes and making the beds. 

Free Laundry:
One of the nicest perks is the free laundry with private laundry facilities.

As these villas are located in the Village of Sanur they are within walking distance to the beach and dozens if not hundreds of restaurants which although may be closed they are open for delivery and take away.

You'd never need to leave your Villa because there are services available for everything including delivering groceries from fruits and vegetables to meats and even Australian pies.

Large Kitchen, Dining & Living Area:
Each kitchen has its own large marble and teak kitchen with a full-size refrigerator and four-burner stove plus all the appliances to make your stay comfortable. Remember you won't have to do the dishes most of the time because a housekeeper will take care of that.

Best of all they all have a private swimming pool from 9 m to 14 m in the beachfront estates.

During this time, it is essential to keep your self healthy and fit. No better way to do that then 10 -20 laps in your own 9-14 meter. swimming pool.

Fiber Optic Wi-Fi, TV and Telephone:

You also have high-quality Wi-Fi, fiber-optic television and telephone to keep in contact with your friends and relatives.

Award-Winning 24 Hr. Management:
The villas and estates are managed by PT. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International who will provide you free gardening, pool cleaning service and a private housekeeper, reception service,, and maintenance services.

TOP 2% of Hotels In The World:

This year they received the coveted Tripadvisor Hall of Fame Award after receiving their Certificate of Excellence Award each year for the past ten years.

 This places them among the top 2 % of hotels and villas listed by Tripadvisor worldwide.

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Enjoy this 450 m2 Four-bedroom, Five bathroom Estate in a quite beachfront complex all to yourself.

Live your dream and wake up to the sound of crashing waves and an amazing view of the sun rising over the Channel Islands.

The stunning 3,200 MTR. Mt. Agung, Volcanic Mountain will reach out and touch you most mornings.

It Is located on a Beach named by the locals as Pantai Purnama which mean Full Mean Beach.

If you book during a full moon you will understand why.

This estate is ideally located only 15 minutes from Sanur and 25 minutes from Ubud, two of Bali's top five resort areas. 

The view from this estate 

Enjoy your own private walkway to the beach. Magical walks on the remote beach which runs for 30 km and the sound of exotic birds will make you never want to leave.

Built by Award Winning Bali Developer:

This luxurious estate was built a few years ago by one of Bali's leading luxury Villa developers. 

He spared no cost and installed solid marble flooring, kitchen tops, and bathroom fixtures.

A key feature of the estate is a 14 meter, 45 ft. private swimming pool which has several areas for children. This will keep you in shape and healthy during this difficult time plus provide hours of pleasure for you and your family. A Gardener and Pool Man is included.

First-class furniture, beds, and bathroom fixtures can be enjoyed throughout.

A two-person Jacuzzi tub compliments the huge master bedroom. 

Guest access: 
Guests can freely walk about the almost 1 Hectare complex which includes private access to the beach.

Other things to note:

Whether you rent one bedroom or four bedrooms you will have private use of the entire four-bedroom estate including a private 14 m swimming pool. 

100% Privacy:

The ground floor with the pool and the gardens are completely enclosed by a high wall which gives you 100% privacy and security.

There is only one other estate in this complex at this time.

Beautiful Saba River Only five minutes walk.

Best of all the only other Estate in the complex is owned by the owners of this rental estate Aziah and Lawrence.

Lawrence is an experienced 17-year Bali hotel manager and his wife is an Indonesian Notaris.

Lawrence is a Superhost on Airbnb. Superhosts are experienced, highly rated hosts who are committed to providing great stays for guests. They also have the Hall of Fame award from Tripadvisor.

The Owners Lawrence and Notaris/Spouse Azizah at their home at Bali Paradise Beach Estates

Interested parties please contact me. Lawrence, directly at 62-8123814014 Email: or our Rentals Manager Yanthi at +62 815-5890-0389 or our Reception at PT Bali Luxury Villas at 62-361-284069

Prices are up to 70 % off Normal for the next few Months. Start at $8.00.
*Prices does not include 11% tax or electricity.

Limited Villas Book Now to Avoid Disappointment:

Interested parties please contact me. Lawrence, directly at 62-8123814014 Email:

Or our Rentals Manager: Yanthi at +62 815-5890-0389 or our Reception at PT Bali Luxury Villas at 62-361-284069

Bali Luxury Retirement Villas

Only 2.98 Milyar (* $184,888 U.S.D. or$268,888 Aus.)

You may now Invest, Vacation or retire full time or part-time in Bali while achieving very handsome returns with this freehold property for Indonesian buyers or over 80 years of leases for Foreign Buyers included in the purchase price starting at USD 184,888.

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Pretty well everything you need to know including location, prices, and designs plus information on Bali and Bali retirement visas is available on our web site

These brand-new luxury retirement villas are located only 200 m or a three minute walk from one of the best beaches on the east coast of Bali.
Swimming, snorkeling, surfing, horseback riding, and several new high-quality beach clubs are within walking distance.
The following Information is available on our website:








Features of © Bali Luxury Retirement Villas as low as * $184,888.

•100% legal for foreigners.
• Includes leases totaling 80 yrs.

• Private carport included.
• Private 8 m (27 Ft.) pool** for leisurely laps.
• Only 200 Mtr. To a fabulous beach, restaurants, beach clubs.
• Great investment for you and your heirs.
• Private Housekeepers & drivers, only $200 MTh.
• Healthcare at a fraction of Western costs.
• Brand-new hospital within five minutes.
• Award-winning International Airport 35 min.
• Proximity to Sanur, Ubud, Denpasar.
• Walking distance to affordable restaurants and beach clubs
• Shared low costs of pool man and gardeners.
• Minuscule monthly common area fees.
• Managed by 15-year-old, Hall of Fame award-winning management company.

• *Price of the least expensive villa in U.S.D. after $10,000 Discount for the first two villas only. Subject to change without notice.
Developed and managed by 14-year-old Hall of Fame award-winning Bali company.

Our 15-year-old Bali company Pt. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International (PT. B.A.L.I.) with over 100 + staff and thousands of satisfied clients guarantee completion of any villas purchased now in 2020.

We are a Ten-Year Consecutive “Certificate of Excellence” recipient on the World's Largest Travel Site and was awarded their "Hall of Fame Award", in 2019. This is awarded to only 2 % of the Hotels & Villas listed on TripAdvisor Worldwide"

These villas offer you an opportunity to own a luxury home on arguably the Best Island in the world with some of the greatest weather, lowest cost of living, clean air, and friendliest people.

Profit Now Move in Later:

You may not be ready to pack up and move to Bali in the next few years.

So, you may purchase now at these ridiculously low prices and we can normally rent them out for you for a monthly income of $1,500 to $2,000 U.S.D. per month.

Our 15-year-old “Hall of Fame” the award-winning management company that manages villas for V.I.P.s such as the former director of General Electric and Ritz Carlton can provide substantial net monthly income to supplement your pension while providing a carefree rental unit.

Confused? We understand that you may have concerns that we may not have even thought of, so feel free to ask whatever questions you wish.

We do not want you to even think about purchasing our © Bali Luxury Retirement Villas unless you are 100% convinced that they are safe, and perfect for you and your family.

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Free Stay in Luxury Estate:

If you wish to fly over and see the location first after you place a USD $2,000 Deposit we will offer you free accommodations in a 4 bdrm, 5 bath luxury beach view estate with a private 14 m pool for three days within walking distance of the location.

When you decide to conclude the purchase, we will extend the free estate accommodation for an additional four days.

Should you decide not to continue with the purchase we will refund your $2,000 Deposit minus $200.00 for the three-day stay.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to review this information and information on the website. If there is any further information we can provide you please do not hesitate to ask.

Cheers, THE SALES TEAM © Bali Luxury Retirement Villas

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For those of you that want to live in luxury for a fraction of Western costs we have this magnificent four bedroom five bathroom 450 m² luxury estate with a private beach entrance in a beachfront complex with views to die for.

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Are you tired of traditional investments such as banks and bonds that only offer 1%- 6% per year, which may not keep pace with the real inflation?

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According to PT. B.A.L.I., one of Bali's leading real estate experts for the past 14 years, who have thousands of satisfied clients, this is the “Second best time to purchase Bali Real Estate this century”.

“Second best time to purchase Bali Real Estate this century”.

Recent recent clarification of Bali real estate laws for foreigners allowing them to obtain control of Bali Real Estate for more than normal life is creating a huge new demand for Indonesian and Bali Real Estate.

Coupled with the fact that Bali Real Estate has recently undergone the first correction in modern history with prices down as much as 50 % this may have set the stage for *increases of 20 % to 100 % in the next three to five years.

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> How to avoid complicated real estate laws - Indonesians married to foreigners.

> Why this is the second-best time to buy this century.

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Head Office: Jl. Karangsari # 5, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia 80228 Tel. Office: 62-361-284069 Fax: 62-361-270143,
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