Friday, 10 August 2018

What do ASEAN people think about Indonesia?

Migs Marbella, An interested neighbor to Indonesia.

Filipino here.

Indonesia is Philippines 2.0. If you don’t get what I mean, it is like the Philippines but with more and bigger islands, better cuisine, much more authentic cultures, less identity crisis and currently, a more polite president (I am a Joko Widodo fan by the way, but I am not that knowledgeable of his policies).

Indonesia should be the rightful leader of Southeast Asia due to its sheer size in geography and people. I am fascinated that such a country, currently mired in political, economic and social problems, has the potential to be the region’s shining beacon of what a democracy should be. The key word here is potential. And it seems to be heading in that direction.

As a fellow developing country, I think we have much more to learn from Indonesia in terms of long-term planning and sustainable policies. Indonesia seems to have plenty of those, which helped the country come back stronger from setbacks, be it economic or political.

I apologize for not knowing too much about your political and economic history but based on hunch and what I randomly read from the internet, Indonesia is improving in small but solid steps. In many ways, they have better approaches to similar issues than the Philippines.

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