Sunday, 5 August 2018

Earthquake Instructions for your Family and Friends

Bali and world news and views editor's comments;

I just drafted the following instructions for our family and housekeeper in the event of an earthquake in the coming days when there could be some serious aftershocks.

Feel free to copy it, customize it and release it to your own family and friends

Earthquake Instructions: .

As you can see by news reports there can be significant damage when an earthquake hits.

If we are not home when you arrive back from school we feel completely confident that both of you are safe and will follow the same rules as if we are not here.

1. Bedtime as normal is 8 PM. Both of you should be in bed at that time.

3. Make sure your phones are fully charged and next to your bed along with a bottle of water.

4. Better if you  sleep in your clothes so you don’t have to go looking for clothes if an earthquake starts. The minutes saved can mean avoiding injury or death.

5. In the event of an earthquake immediately get out of your beds, grab your phones and water .
6. Rush downstairs staying close to the wall of the stairway and walk directly out through the front door away from the building completely out into the driveway where even if the building collapsed it could not bother you.

7. If the quake is stronger than seven (last night) I want you to get on the motorbike and go up the top of the hill for at least 30 minutes while keeping in touch with the news to see what’s going on to make sure there is no Tsunami.

8. Before you go up the hill send a quick text message to us on what’s up.

As always better safe than sorry.

Mom and I love you very much and we would hate to have anything happen.

Love you Both.

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