Free Bali Real Estate Seminars - Laws for Foreigners and How to Earn 10 % to 20 % per YR.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, broker, agent, investor, lessor or renter you can benefit from attending one of our two free Real Estate Seminars in Bali and Jakarta next month.

At these seminars PT. B.A.L.I’s Canadian President, Lawrence, a 22 yr. Bali resident, President of 14 yr. old company with 135 staff, married to Azizah, a fully Licenced Notaris will review the most recent real estate laws for Indonesians and Foreigners in detail.

Then they will also provide a full colour audio, visual presentation with many professional charts on the Past, Present, and Future of Bali Real Estate.

Free Seminar Schedules:

(1) Location: Jakarta, Indonesia, Le Meridien Hotel.

Dates & Times:

1. Thursday - Nov. 1st. 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

2. Saturday - Nov. 3rd. 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Location: Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.Kav. , Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10220 Telepon:(021) 2513131

Limited Seating & Free Parking:

Seating is very limited for these free seminars so please avoid disappointment and make reservations A.S.A.P. Click Here For a Reservation Or Email: or Tel: Office: 62-361- 284069 For Bahasa English 62-8123814014 – Bahasa Indonesia or 62-8123632177

( 2) Location: Sanur, Bali,Emerald Villas,

Dates & Times:

1. Thursday - Nov. 8th. 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

2. Saturday - Nov. 10th. 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Location: Bali, Emerald Villas, Jl. Karangsari, # 5, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.

Limited Seating & Free Parking:

Seating is very limited for these free seminars so please avoid disappointment and make reservations A.S.A.P. Click Here For a Reservation Or Email: or Tel: Office: 62-361- 284069 For Bahasa English 62-8123814014 – Bahasa Indonesia or 62-8123632177

    Seminar Topics:

    At these seminars you will learn about:

    • The Past, Present and Future of Bali, Indonesia, Asian and Australian real estate.
    • Why a recent official clarification of foreign ownership laws allows foreigners to totally control Indonesian properties for up to 80 years without leases?
    • How to avoid legal problems and make sure a property is safe.
    • How to avoid complicated real estate laws affecting Indonesians married to foreigners.
    • Why this is the second best time to buy this century.
    • Where are the best locations to buy for maximum profits?
    • What type of properties will offer the best investment potential of *10% to 20 % per year?
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      Limited Seating & Free Parking:

      Seating is very limited for these free seminars so please avoid disappointment and make reservations A.S.A.P.

      For Jakarta Seminars Sign up Here :Click Here For a Reservation

      For Bali Seminars Sign up Here :Click Here for Reservation

      Or Email: or Tel: Office: 62-361- 284069 For Bahasa English 62-8123814014 – Bahasa Indonesia or 62-8123632177

      Sunday, 29 July 2018

      LOMBOK police say at least 14 people are dead and scores injured after an earthquake hit the popular tourist spot near Bali.

      Lombok quake: Death toll, injuries rise on Indonesian island

      AFPNews Corp Australia NetworkJULY 30, 20184:55AM

      A POWERFUL earthquake on the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok killed at least 14 people, injured more than 160 including 67 hospitalised with serious injuries.

      The strong quake has damaged more than 1,000 houses.

      The shallow 6.4-magnitude quake jolted the island in the early morning, sending people running outside in panic and triggering landslides on popular mountain hiking routes.

      Scores of aftershocks sparked fear among survivors. More than 120 were recorded, the biggest with a magnitude of 5.7, Indonesia’s meteorology agency said.

      Local officials have declared a three day state emergency, according to multiple television reports.

      An official from Indonesia’s Disaster Mitigation Agency says the number of casualties could increase as data was still being collected from other locations on the island.

      Astagfirullahalladzim.. Pagi ini disudah diuji oleh gempa, semoga Semeton kita diwil sembalun ttp dlm lindungan Allah swt 🙏— LOMBOK BOIZ (@vikinglombok) July 29, 2018

      “Hundreds of people were injured and thousands of homes were damaged in the earthquake in East Lombok. We are still collecting data,” Indonesian disaster mitigation agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said in a statement.

      One Malaysian was killed and six injured, the Malaysian foreign ministry said. “All of them were at the foot of Mount Rinjani when the incident happened,” it said.

      The constant aftershocks sparked terrified shouts among scores of people made homeless in the eastern village of Sembalun, an AFP reporter said.

      #Gempa Mag:6.4, 29-Jul-18 05:47:39 WIB, Lok:8.26 LS,116.55 BT (28 km BaratLaut LOMBOKTIMUR-NTB), Kedlmn:10 Km, tdk berpotensi tsunami— BMKG (@infoBMKG) July 28, 2018

      Some 200 people from 35 families whose houses were damaged or destroyed had pitched tents there. The roof of a health clinic had collapsed and its walls had cracked.

      “People are traumatised and too scared to return home for fear the aftershocks could destroy their homes completely,” the reporter said.

      “Everytime there is an aftershock they cry out in fear and tremors can still be felt constantly.” Evacuees told AFP they badly needed blankets and instant food because there was no time to bring anything when they fled their homes.

      dampak kerusakan akibat gempa di SEMBALUN BUMBUNG,KEC. SEMBALUN LOMBOK TIMUR.NTB @infoBMKG @CNLFMLombok @infoLotim@infolombok— Rahmatul Kautsar (@Kautsar_rk27) July 28, 2018

      Popular trekking trails on Mount Rinjani were closed because of landslides, according to the disaster agency.

      One local trek organiser described how rocks rained down on two Spanish hikers and their guide as they were caught on a mountain trail.

      “My trekking guide who was accompanying two tourists from Spain suffered from minor injuries during the jolt. They were hiking from Segara Anak Lake to Plawangan and rocks were falling on them during the quake,” said Karyadi, the owner of a guesthouse near Rinjani where the pair were staying.

      The two Spaniards were also slightly hurt.

      This photo released by the Nusa Tenggara Barat Disaster Mitigation Agency shows a resident scrambling over the collapsed ruins of a house.Source:AFP

      “Our guests were in shock because of the incident,” said Karyadi, who like many Indonesians goes by one name.

      The epicentre of the earthquake struck 50 km (30 miles) northeast of Lombok’s main city Mataram, the United States Geological Survey said, far from the main tourist spots on the south and west of the island.

      USGS said two of the aftershocks measured more than 5-magnitude. The jolt was felt some 100 km (60 miles) away in the bustling holiday island of Bali, although there were no immediate reports of damage there.

      🇮🇩💢#Indonesia #Earthquake Mw 6.4 depth 10 km Lombok Región.
      -El Sismo ha destruido viviendas como era probable , especialmente las de Construcción no asísmica. #PrayforIndonesia 🙏— 🌎 (@Geo__Data) July 28, 2018

      “The earthquake was very strong... and everybody in my house panicked, we all ran outside,” said Zulkifli, a resident of North Lombok near the epicentre.

      “All my neighbours also ran outside and the electricity was suddenly cut off,” Zulkifli told AFP.

      No tsunami alert was issued, according to Indonesia’s geophysics and meteorology agency.

      “People in East Lombok and Mataram felt the strong quake for 10 seconds, residents were panicking and running outside of their homes,” Nugroho said earlier, adding people had run for open spaces such as football fields.

      Daños en #Lombok, #Indonesia, producto del sismo M6.4 de esta tarde. Fotos de— Tweet Quake (@tweet_quake) July 29, 2018

      At the holiday island’s hotels, tourists raced outside as the quake struck. At the Katamaran Hotel & Resort in Senggigi beach, some 30 guests gathered in the lobby for around half an hour before venturing back to their rooms.

      “They calmed down and returned to their rooms once we explained the earthquake did not trigger a tsunami. Everything is back to normal now,” receptionist Ni Nyoman Suwarningsih told AFP.

      The quake also rocked the tiny Gili islands off northeast Lombok, which are popular with honeymooners, divers and partygoers.

      Estimated population in the felt area: 6.5 millions inhabitants— EMSC (@LastQuake) July 28, 2018

      “Fortunately there was no panic during the earthquake even though it was quite strong,” said Lilis Letisha, receptionist at the Ombak Paradise Hotel on Gili Air island.

      Indonesia, an archipelago of thousands of islands, sits on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, a seismic activity hotspot.

      It is frequently hit by quakes, most of them harmless. However, the region remains acutely alert to tremors that might trigger tsunamis.

      In 2004 a tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9.3 undersea earthquake off the coast of Sumatra in western Indonesia killed 220,000 people in countries around the Indian Ocean, including 168,000 in Indonesia.

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