Saturday, 28 July 2018

How do foreigners view Indonesia?

Alfred Yip
Alfred Yip, Living my life to question it
As a guy from Hong Kong, I feel that there are a lot of misconceptions about Indonesia.
Sadly, a lot of people think that Indonesia is just Indomie.
Or a country with domestic helpers.
But Indonesia is certainly more than that.

This is the capital of the country, Jakarta.
This is Bali, where most foreign people would think of when they first think of Indonesia.
This is Surabaya, a city which people tend to forget when mentioning the country.
The rainforests there are beautiful too.
While Indonesia is a developing country, she also preserves mother nature quite well and never forget what it gives her.

Moreover, how can we forget this man?
Joko Widodo, the current Indonesian president.
Good movies.
And also the tasty Indonesian food?

I know that I'm merely scratching the surface of Indonesia, but through writing this answer, I would like to express that, don’t judge a country just using your perceptions and knowledge towards it.
You’ll learn about a place only by visiting the place. Although I have yet a chance to visit the wonderful nation, I hope I’ll get it one day.
Hope this answers your question. Cheers.

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