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Russian parent reports Club Med Bali for alleged ‘pornography’ violation

Russian parent reports Club Med Bali for alleged ‘pornography’ violation after instructor taught kids dance to ‘Sexy and I know it’

By Coconuts Bali Apr. 16, 2018

Club Med Bali
A concerned Russian parent reported the management of Club Med Bali to police for an alleged pornography violation after hotel staff taught children how to ‘suggestively’ dance to the song “Sexy and I know it.”

The Russian parent, only identified in local reports by initials MY, contacted police after the incident allegedly occurred during a stay at the posh Nusa Dua resort in December 2017.

The Russian’s attorney, Muhammad Iqbal confirmed that his client filed the report with Bali Police.

According to Iqbal, the children putting on a show with the kid’s club were instructed by the dance teacher to open their shirts, bare their chests, and dance along to the song.

“Our client is angry, our client has stated that the dance is not suitable for children,” Iqbal said on Monday, as quoted by Tribun Bali.

Another one of the dance moves suggested “intercourse” or a “similar movement,” the attorney said.

Indonesia’s vaguely worded anti-pornagraphy laws make it possible for a loose interpretation of what can be declared pornographic in the country.

However, Club Med’s own legal counsel has responded with a very different chronology of events, insisting that the Russian parent responsible for the report was drunk at the time of the incident.

Towards the end of the show, MY started screaming and yelling at the dance instructor, smelling sharply of alcohol, alleges Soni Wijaya, an attorney representing Club Med.

MY then poured beer in the dance coach’s face, Wijaya claims.

“The dance coach, ignoring the act of violence and intimidation from the complainant, who appeared drunk chose to keep quiet and invite all the children backstage to calm the hotel guests,” Wijaya told Tribun.

Bali Police spokesman Heng Widjaja separately confirmed the case to Tribun Bali and says it’s still being handled by Bali Police.

“Under recommendation of investigators, it’s been further reported to KPAD (the regional child protection commission) to supervise hotels that conduct activities with children,” Tribun Bali quoted Widjaja as saying.

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