Saturday, 14 April 2018

Another Magical Sunrise Over Mount Rinjani on Lombok Bali's Neighbour

Yesterday morning I enjoyed a normal walk on the beach in front of Bali Paradise Beach Estates all the way up to the Saba River.

I regretted not bringing my Nikon with me because it was the perfect morning with 3,200 mtr. Mount Agung on Bali looking like a perfect postcard.  Even more significantly was 3,700 mtr. Mount Rinjani on Bali's neighbour Island, Lombok appearing like it was 10 km away .

This is amazing since Rinjani is a 119 km or 74 miles away from Bali Paradise Beach Estates

That kind of visibility, as any boat Captain Will tell you is rare.

It was one of those rare mornings during the year when the sun rises directly over Rinjani giving it an all new perspective.

It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Today I made a point of getting up early.I didn't bother  the tedious task of raising my family because time didn't allow for it.

I  cleaned the lenses on the Nikon and took off down the beach.

As usual there was hardly anybody around except a few Fishermen.

I wondered if I was going to enjoy the same spectacular sunrise that I saw yesterday.
 I waited and waited. Then all of a sudden my patience was rewarded.

 Finally the sun began to rise directly behind Rinjani

I continued to take pictures halfway out on the beach trying to avoid an occasional breaking swell.
 Soon my patience was rewarded there was the magnificent sun rising from the east.
 As it poked it'[s head out I shot a multitude of pictures.
 And there it was 119 km away as if it was just down the beach.

 The final shot will definitely go up on my wall and provide a fond memory forever.
 On the way back I took photos of the colourful things that wash up on the beach.

 I was not the only foreigner enjoying the brilliant sunrise.

 There was a young girl with wedding party enjoying the morning sun as she had obviously just been wedded. 
 Finally I  stopped in front of our beach entrance to admire the fact that unlike many areas in Bali where there is erosion our beach is getting bigger all the time. 
Since I had my camera out and I decide to take you early morning photos of my home and also our rental home at the back.
You to can spend the night here and wake up at dawn to these magical sunrises.

It amazes me that people don't jump on the unbelievable price I have of $128 per night for this magnificent four-bedroom estate with private swimming pool, a mere 30 second walk to the beach.

You can see details with photos on here and contact me direct at 0812314014 or 

 Thank you for sharing this magical morning which starts another beautiful, wonderful week in Bali.

After looking at these photos you can understand why the Balinese call Bali the Island of the gods

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