Monday, 19 February 2018

Return to number one- How to make an old tennis player feel good

Just last week my tennis hero Roger Federer made history by becoming the oldest tennis player in history to be ranked number one and at the same established a record for returning to number one position once again at the age of 36 .

Today I was inspired by Rogers return when I returned to my favorite tennis courts in Bali at the Prama Hotel clay courts in Sanur.  I have been unable to play on these courts for almost 4 months due to severe rains, injury and sickness.

Because I've only played doubles on hard courts the last couple months it took me the first set to relearn how to play on clay and I loss my first set 0-6 to the number one semi professional player at the hotel, Kandi. Kandi had also beat me just before the New Year just as bad.

I first started playing tennis for the first time in my life on these courts which was called Sanur Beach Hotel. In those days Kandi was definitely number 1 and beat me for perhaps five years then I started to beat him the last few years until just before Christmas.

Frankly I was wondering am I getting too old for this game? Should I take up golf? LOL.

I love the game and I'll probably played until I die. maybe on the court if not careful, because two of the other tennis players I used to play aged 54 and around 45 have passed away in the last two years from what I believe was high stress and high temperatures after a day of Tennis.

While I am on the subject my thoughts and prayers are with both Kadet and Gusti and their families who use to always give me a great game and we had wonderful comradeship's over the years.

Feeling very uncomfortable on the slippery courts and not wanting to hurt myself on the second set I yelled my infamous "kill" shout which at the same time reminded myself that I "walked on fire and I can do anything".

Second set was six - two for me.

This brought us to a tiebreaker and all I could think of was walking off the court and shouting number one for 2018 which is a joke between Kandi and I.

At times it looked like I was going to lose it when he was ahead 6 points to 4 and he was serving. 

I broke him and went on to win the tie breaker 8-6.

So for an old fart like me, almost twice Roger Federer's age, to beat a guy 20 years younger than me and 20 kg lighter was a big accomplishment.

The net result I started off 2018 on my favorite court as a winner and therefore undefeated champion for 2018, so far.

If you are an avid tennis player and want to challenge me in singles or even doubles I'm playing most Tuesday Thursday and Friday mornings at 7 AM to avoid the harsh sun.

You're welcome to join me. First time at my expense.

Just contact me at 08123814014. 

It doesn't matter how good you are so long as you're good enough to carry on a good game.

Once again the saying "age is just a number" comes true.

Finally I reminded of my own saying that I tell my 135 staff who last year achieved the highest ranks on trip advisor testimonials with a 91% satisfaction rate. "Success is not measured by getting there but by staying there".

So now I have to defend my title just like Roger. LOL

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