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Even with an Erupting Volcano in 2017 PT. Bali Luxury Villas achieves new Highs

Lawrence Bellefontaine, President, Owner, and General Manager of award winning 13 year old Pt. Bali Affordable Lifestyles International (PT. B.A.L.I.). doing Business as Best Asia Real Estate kicked off 2018 with a staff Luncheon at their Emerald Restaurant on Thurs.Jan 31st.

His spouse and partner Azizah, a fully licensed Indonesian Notaries with a masters degree in Indonesian Law specializing in real estate also joined the meeting. 


Together they and their 135 professional staff provide a one stop professional, efficient location for Buying, Selling, Leasing and Renting Asian Real Estate.

 At the 2018 kickoff meeting Lawrence proudly stated that in 2017, a year that was very difficult since September due to a erupting volcano which caused airport closures and drastic drop in tourism they were able to achieve a 16.2% increase in occupancy over 2016. The company name.

Every month in 2017 they were up in occupancy over 2016 except for December.
Overall their occupancy for the year was 72% which is up 16.2% from 2016.

Considering most hotels were down 20% to 30% the last three or four months of the year due to the volcanic eruption he was very proud of this fact.

He pointed out that during the year they obtained several awards including the prestigious certificate of excellence from the world's largest travel website, TripAdvisor, which places them  among the top 10% of hotels and villas in the world .
He also reminded his staff that in addition they also received the Hall of Fame award which they received in 2015 after five years of consecutively receiving the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence award. The Hall of Fame award is awarded to only 2% of the hotels and villas in the world.

"Recipients Hall Of Fame Award, awarded to only 2 % of the Hotels listed on TripAdvisor World Wide"

He then reviewed the year therein or end of the year status on the four largest online booking services including TripAdvisor, Wotif, Agoda, and

They ended the year with an average satisfaction rate of 91% the highest yearly satisfaction rate ever in their 13 year history.

So in conclusion they ended 2016 with an occupancy up 16% and the highest satisfaction rate ever 91%.

Finally he also mentioned to the staff that one of his villas that he personally manages has achieved super house award from AIRBNB.

Every month he reminds his staff of his saying that he develop years ago "success is not measured by getting there but by staying there". As he always points out many companies achieve success but don't stay there. Look at General Electric for example.

Then he made predictions for 2018 for all their companies.

He pointed out that although the volcano started going off in September that Bali's tourist arrivals in 2017 rose 16% over 2016.

 He protected  that in 2018 tourist arrivals will once again rise another 10% to 20%. Which means there would be more demand for our Bali lecture villas and real estate.

"In 2018 tourist arrivals will once again rise another 10% to 20%"

Following his own recommendation that, "success is not measured by getting there but by staying there" he and his associate Jimmy Rolland have just designed a brand-new website for Bali luxury Villa rentals that allows guests to book directly in a very rapid manner.

He mentioned that in 2008 when speaking to 200+ Travel Agents in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai he made a prediction that the Chinese will be the number one tourist Bali in the future.

"Chinese will be the number one tourist Bali in the future."

He pointed out that in 2017 the Chinese did overcome the Australians for the first time and became the number one tourist to Bali.

He said this is not good news for Bali tourism and Bali real estate because the Chinese who increased over 51% increase in 2017 to 1.37 tourist will probably grow by another 52% to 100% this year as each Chinese tourist who came to Bali goes back and raves about Bali's events, attractions, weather, and low cost.

Along with the huge increase he anticipates a huge increase in Chinese real estate buyers. 

One only has to look back at Singapore which for 20 years grew dramatically due to Chinese demand. 

More recently one can look at Australia where a large percentage of the real estate purchases the last two years have been from Chinese buyers.

He also pointed out that the Singapore market has now been in a bear market for three years and most of Australia markets are heading into a bear market therefore the Chinese will be looking for greener pastures.

He also made predictions about a huge rise in baby boomers, now known as the "silver tsunami" with one quarter of the world's population now retiring and looking for a second home or a full-time retirement home in a clean, low cost area with great weather and friendly locals such as Bali.

He showed a graph that he made up of the close proximity to Asia's baby boomers and that if Bali was only to obtain 1% of the baby boomers and Bali for retirement that would be 7.5 million potential buyers. 

Being even more conservative stated for and if we only received one  .1 % that's 750,000 new potential buyers for real estate. 
He jokingly added we better all learn mandarin very quickly.

He pointed out that in preparation for the "silver's tsunami" he has come out of semi  retirement and and hired a very experienced Bali resident of 25 years, Jimmy Roland, who together have design a website mirroring the famous Zillow website in America which is the largest and most successful.
 This news B.A.R.E website allows potential buyers to just their mouse to zoom through properties in the areas that they are interested in, narrow down the properties in the price range that are in their budget and quickly zoom in including all the photos and everything and even make an appointment online to see these properties

Finally he presented cash awards to the best employees of 2017. 

Best Employees for 2017

Management from Right, Gede, Jimmy, Putu. Yanthi, Putu, Agung and Wayan
He then thanked his management for a great job under sometimes very difficult circumstances.


Lawrence is also one of Asia’s best known travel and real estate investment experts. They publish the daily Bali & World News & Views Blog which combined with Bali News and Views Blog has had almost 1,500,000 pageviews. They also publish the Best Asia Real Estate Blog, Facebook and Twitter posts. He offers free real estate seminars throughout Asia every quarter . For Free Seminar schedule email to
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