Wednesday, 3 January 2018 and gain from TripAdvisor switch

By Kevin May | January 3, 2018

TripAdvisor's scaling back of Instant Booking in 2017 has seen two major hotel intermediaries benefit.

Data from traffic measurement service SimilarWeb shows that and are the two brands to capitalize the most from the change.

Overall, over the course of 2017 the share of outgoing traffic to the top ten sites from TripAdvisor increased by 46% to 70%.

The uptick started taking place at around the same time as TripAdvisor switched back to the traditional metasearch model of redirecting users to partner sites to confirm their booking, rather than facilitating the booking within TripAdvisor's platform.

Other accommodation services to benefit to a slightly lesser degree include Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz (all owned by Expedia Inc).
Trivago changes

SimilarWeb claims its data capture has also seen a marked reduction in traffic going to from Trivago, coinciding with the increase in traffic to the Priceline Group-owned hotel giant from TripAdvisor.

The traffic has, instead, been picked up Expedia - almost doubling the amount it received over the course of the year.

Orbitz and saw their traffic levels from Trivago remain roughly the same during 2017.

Daniel Sevitt of SimilarWeb says:

"While TripAdvisor remains way out in front in terms of monthly traffic volume, the increasing costs of acquiring that traffic mean that the margins generated from referring it on are increasingly under threat."

* Charts available on the SimilarWeb website.

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