Sunday, 21 January 2018

Australia Bad Boy - Nick Kyrgios resumes long-running war with his own support box during Australian Open loss

Editors Comments. I believe an attitude like his does not belong in world class tennis. 

He is a bad example to Australian Youth an a example of Australia's bogans.

Maybe if he stopped blaming everyone else he would win a grand slam!


January 22, 2018 5:20am

Nick Kyrgios was engaged in a running battle with his own box.Source: AAP

WE saw a new and improved Nick Kyrgios at this year’s Australian Open but some old habits die hard.

Kyrgios fought hard against Grigor Dimitrov in a fourth-round loss on Sunday night, but he also spent plenty of energy giving it to his own support box.

Social media users made fun of the fact Kyrgios was absolutely furious at his support team for much of the match, with tennis writer Ben Rothenberg jokingly accusing the 17th seed of demanding “North Korean” levels of visual loyalty.

Kyrgios complained regularly to his box about a racquet issue during the first and second sets.Fourth Round

“You had one job,” he moaned to them at one point.

But he upped the ante as he mounted a stirring comeback later in the match, blasting his team for not standing up enough or showing enough support.

Kyrgios' call to all rise0:46

“Get up!” he shouted at one point in the, resulting in one particularly awkward moment (watch in the player above) where his father Giorgos rose to his feet and the rest of his supporters sheepishly followed.

Ben Rothenberg

Kyrgios expecting nearly North Korean levels of visual loyalty from his box, demanding they stand after every point. #nk
7:52 PM - Jan 21, 2018

Kyrgios loses. Clearly his box didn’t stand up enough #ausopen
8:34 PM - Jan 21, 2018 · Brisbane, Queensland

Can we hire Kyrgios' box of supporters for events?#AusOpen
8:19 PM - Jan 21, 2018

This isn’t the first time Kyrgios has raged at his own team.

He courted controversy in Wimbledon in 2016 by labelling them “retarded” during a third-round match with Spaniard Feliciano Lopez.

“Any of you? Any of you? ‘Oh, it’s a game point, maybe I’ll actually give him some support now. it’s a game point, pretty big point’,” he complained at one change of ends.

Nick Kyrgios’ support team watches on at the Australian Open.Source: Getty Images

Just weeks earlier Kyrgios had gone on a similar tirade at the French Open, seemingly aimed at brother Christos, during a straight sets loss to Richard Gasquet at the French Open.

“I can’t hear you. I can’t f***ing hear you!”

“Get out of my box. Get out of my box,” Kyrgios shouted repeatedly.

Asked about the issue at Wimbledon Kyrgios put it down to a “heat of the battle” situation.

“Sometimes I’m just a pest,” he said.

“They’re always doing the best they can do. It’s obviously in the heat of the battle. Everything I say and everything I do out there, they all know I love them. So it’s OK.”

Kyrgios remains without a coach and said after his loss to Dimitrov he had no plans to hire one.

“I’ve lost one match this year, so I’m doing all right,” he said. “I like kind of doing things on my own terms. I just like the freedom.”

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