Thursday, 2 November 2017

Why is life in Singapore so stressful even though we are a developed country?

Katsiaryna Yurechka
I spent 3 years in Singapore as an expat and left it last year for Europe. Honestly, I am planning to come back. With all its stress and rules, Singapore is very attractive to me.
But I agree on the stress part. It starts from very early age, when kids (sometimes less than 2yrs old) have to start reading, writing, learning languages etc. There is a competition from such an early age! Then to go to a better school, kids have to study hard, go for extra classes etc. 
There is so much pressure on them to get into best university and study law/medicine/finance/business. After uni there is again a pressure to get a better job, get a car, get housing. Now pressure comes from the peer group. You have to drive the best car, stay in central area or buy expensive bags, clothes etc.
Even though the government provides people with safety, cleanness, efficiency, modern buildings, infrastructure etc, it comes at a high price. People have to work hard to pay their bills. 

Singaporeans say kids are too expensive. The life is too expensive. Thus, they have to work more to afford everything. And here the stress comes again.

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