Wednesday, 22 November 2017

All clear after Mount Agung lets off a little steam.

Good morning world from Bali, the Island of the Gods. 

It has been a few interesting days to say the least, with the first minor Eruption of Mount Agung since 1963. 

Of course the press, especially in Australia has gone crazy with headlines that make it look like the whole island is about to explode.

Pictures are worth a thousand 1000 words. If these lazy ignorant Australian reporters would get off their but and visit this area they would see that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

But of course their editors will not spend money to send them here because they only want bad news.

Fortunately I wake up every morning with  postcard vistas of Mount Agung, which is only 40 km from our home at Bali Paradise Beach Estates.

Two days ago when I was driving home around 5 o'clock I noticed and commented to my children that Agung was letting off a little steam. 

Later I discovered that I was right. After two hours of heavy rain fell into the  into the crevices of the crater and came in contact with hot lava below the floor and it exploded. Much like what happens when you pour water on a really hot pan.

Yesterday I frankly was expecting another cold eruption after another heavy rain, but nothing happened.

This morning Azizah and I decided to walk on the beach even closer to Agung and saw virtually nothing happening there but a little steam. 

Although anything is possible the chances of clouds of volcanic dust falling upon tourists and causing havoc is only a Australian reporter's wet dream.

The chances of Bali's airport closing in my professional opinion after 21 years in Bali are almost nonexistent.

Frankly quite the contrary. I've been telling guests staying at our villas that they should try to drive up close to the volcano and have an opportunity of actually seeing a live volcano.

Having lived in Hawaii for 18 years, where volcanoes are almost a constant feature I know that they can provide some very impressive photos and memories.

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