Tuesday, 3 October 2017

How Speculators Profit from Fake News on Mount Agung Eruption

Bali News Views : Editors Comments

Anyone who purposely posts fake news about Mount Agung  should be arrested and given severe jail sentences for causing extra hardship on innocent Balinese.

A family living in ‘danger zone’ sold their cattle for Rp 19 million, far below the normal price of Rp 40 million.

Mount Agung, also Bali’s tallest volcano, had shown signs of erupting over the previous weeks. (Photo source: Pixabay/DEZALB)
Jakarta, GIVnews.com – For speculators, fake information in social media suggesting that Bali’s Mount Agung will erupt any time soon is a ‘blessing in disguise’. They can now buy cattle from fleeing villagers at a much lower price than their normal.
Bali is among the 10 largest cattle suppliers in Indonesia, despite being a Hindu majority province with many of its population not consuming beef.
Social media hoaxes on Mount Agung, which is located in northeast Bali, had forced villagers residing around the volcano to dump their cows, bulls and pigs to speculators. A family from Muncan Village in Karangasem District where the volcano is located, for example, sold two of its cows for a combined price of Rp 19 million. This is far below the normal price of Rp 40 million, according to a Kompas daily report.
Meanwhile, pork prices at Muncan Village have also dropped sharply, from Rp 22,000 to Rp 10,000 per kilogram. This happened because of the sharp drop in the prices of pigs from the area. Balinese love eating pork and ‘babi guling’, a popular version of roast pork, is the pride of the island’s culinary.
Last Friday (29/9), immediately after the Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Center (PVMBG) raised its alertness at Mount Agung to the highest level, an increasing number of people fled their villages to safer places. Their numbers reached a total of 144,000 by Monday (2/10). And, those who evacuated from danger zones also brought their cattle.
While it is still not possible to determine whether the 3,000-meter high Mount Agung may erupt, let alone the eruption timing, Kompas daily reported on Tuesday (3/10) that the number of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Bali had dropped by about 20 percent over the past week, amid fears that Mount Agung might erupt at any time soon.

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