Monday, 9 October 2017

Bali volcano doesn’t deter holidaymakers


Locals travelling to Bali, don’t appear to be letting smoke and ash smother their travel plans.
The volcanic alert for the Mount Agung volcano has been raised to red level. Despite the alert, those we spoke with had only made minor changes to their itineraries.
Erin Fisher booked her Bali trip more than nine months ago. She’s heading to Bali with a friend, and says she’s feeling okay about the volcanic activity. They’ve made a few key changes to their trip outline, and are taking steps to stay safe.
“We’ve cancelled our tours and are staying close to the resort. We’re also packing face masks and protective eye wear, and will buy extra water when we arrive,” said Erin.
Red alert level is the highest on the Indonesian scale. SafeTravel, the NZ government travel registry, is advising New Zealanders to exercise caution, check news reports and follow local advice.
Sally Ann posted on Facebook last week, whilst in Bali. “I’m in Bali. No one is super phased by it (the volcano). We’re more intrigued than most locals. The only thing it’s affected, is our choice to hike the mountain. We crossed that off our list.”
Meanwhile, Bali’s tourism chief AA Gede Yuniartha Putra, was understandably keen to ensure potential tourists weren’t scared off, commenting, “Bali tourism is safe. Please, come and visit Bali.”
Those travelling to Bali, are encouraged to register their details for free on the SafeTravel website

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