Thursday, 21 September 2017

Everybody just calm down Nothing to fear from Active Bali Volcano yesterday's Earthquake

 As I predicted yesterday the international press is spinning a small amount of activity on Mount Agung and earthquake yesterday way out of proportion. As usual bad news make good press.
 See below todays Google News

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Story image for Bali Volcano from Sky News Australia

Tremors spark fears Bali volcano may erupt

Sky News Australia-21 hours ago
Hundreds of small tremors have raised fears of an impending volcanic eruption on the holiday island of Bali. Authorities have heightened alert ...

Bali earthquake: Fears of volcanic eruption on popular tourist island ...

The Independent-16 hours ago
Fears of a volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island of Bali have been ... 3,000m-high Mount Agung volcano earlier in the week, according to ...
They don't want to report the good news that there's been no lava flow or no release of huge gases .

Nor will they report that there had not been any rise in the warning level for two days .
The last warning was Indonesia's National Disaster Mitigation Agency yesterday warned tourists and locals to stay 7km away from the volcano, with experts warning it could erupt at any time.

They also won't tell you the closest that any dangerous lava flows on the hills or in the rivers came was over 40 km away in 1963.

They will report  that locals are evacuating the immediate area around Mount Agung the last few days. 

So do you need to worry?
In my personal opinion based on 21 years living here and 18 years living with live volcanoes in Hawaii  there is "nothing to fear but fear itself".

Remember that I have a family that I love and we live only 40 km away. If I felt my family was in jeopardy I would move to Sanur or even further.

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