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Bali Governor Asks Locals to Work Together to Assist Mount Agung Refugees

Saturday, 23 September 2017 | 20:14 WIB

Bali governor Made Mangku Pastika (sekarjepun)

SINGARAJA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika has invited people in the area to work together to help refugees from various regions of Karangasem regency, following the upgrading of Mount Agung’s status to alert in the region.

"This condition will last a long time The character of the volcano is difficult to guess, so I ask for everyone to work together mutually to aid our brothers and sisters, and make every effort to help them," Pastika said when he visited the evacuation site in Tembok Village and Village Les, Singaraja, Buleleng Regency, Saturday (23/09/2017).

Staff, Management and Clients Contributions bring smiles to 

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One of the best feelings in life is seeing the smiles when you help others that are less fortunate.

The day after the Bali Govt. announced they were going to evacuate 10’s of thousands of Balinese living within a 12 Km perimeter of Mount Agung earlier this week my Assistant Manager Gede and I at PT. Bali Luxury Villas decided to raise money and support for over 40,000 evacuees. 
Our company, staff and villa owners made contributions of cash plus items that would probably not be provided by the Govt. such a coffee, snacks, cooking oil, towels, pillows and toys for the children. This morning we drove up to deliver all the goods to The Banjar Tegak in Akah village who were very thankful for the contributions.…/one-of-best-fee…

Pastika accompanied by a number of Head of OPD in the Provincial Government of Bali also inspire the empathy of the community around the refuge to help the needs of refugees either cooking equipment, tableware, foodstuffs and other needs.

Local community leaders, members of "tereka teruni sekaa" or youth, and PKK's mother are also expected to be involved in assisting the refugees. Especially since the increased volcanic status of Standby (level III) to the status of Awas, automatically expanding the zone of dangerous areas and the impact on the number of refugees continues to increase.

"Do not let those in the refugee hungry or can not cook because there is no stove, do not just rely on government assistance only." Residents around, I hope to help move, muster all the potential that exists to help, "he said.

The number one person in Bali also instructed that village officials continue to collect data on their citizens and record the urgent needs of the refugees and coordinate with relevant parties.

Pastika requested that it be immediately established or appointed who was responsible for the donations that came and the distribution of the donations.

"I am sure that many contributions from all over Bali will flow, so I ask for donations to be recorded, the distribution must be monitored, do not let any person take advantage of this situation," he said.

The former Bali Police Chief was also appealed to the public stay calm and not panic and heed the instructions given by the officer.

"My people are asking for calm and do not get hooked on issues that are not necessarily true." Monitoring the condition of Gunung Agung continues to be intensified, "he said.

After reviewing the refugees in Buleleng District, Pastika Governor and his entourage held a meeting with the Regent of Karangasem at Tanah Ampo Port, Karangasem.

Responding to many refugee points, Pastika instructed that the refugee camps be rearranged. For refugees consisting of less than 200 refugees to join other IDPs in several large evacuation locations such as in UPT Agriculture in Rendang, Field in Les Village, Buleleng Regency, Ulakan Field and GOR Sweca Pura.

"This is done to facilitate the distribution of food, safety monitoring, and the health of the refugees," he said.

On the occasion, the Regent of Karangasem I Gusti Ayu Mas Sumatri said that the Karangasem regency has done various strategic steps such as arranging food distribution system, refugee data collection, provision of toilet facilities and medical personnel.

Sumatri conveyed the data of refugees is always updated every six hours and the last position was recorded as of September 23, 2017 at 12.00 local time, the number of refugees 15,142 and spread at 126 point of refuge location spread over districts/cities throughout Bali.

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